It Gets Personal Sometimes! Private Jet Attendant Reveals What Happens On Board

It Gets Personal Sometimes! Private Jet Attendant Reveals What Happens On Board

While life as a VIP air hostess comes with the perk of traveling the world, their jobs can be demanding and stressful.

They may serve their passengers every need, but the skills required by flight attendants are much more than that of a waitress -- they're cocktail mixologists, cleaners, personal assistants, caterers and even dog sitters.

Flight attendant Kimberley Benton has been working in the industry for nine years. She says it was her love for traveling that drew her into the world, which has enabled her to embark on 14 world tours. During her lifetime, she's traveled to more than 130 countries and traveled on 27 different types of business jets.


For her, being a VIP flight attendant is more than just delivering the best possible service to her clients, but about "creating an experience."

"They're expecting you to be a lot more personal," the 32-year-old told CNN Travel. "They expect you to know exactly what they want, when they want it and it could be something as little as as soon as they get on the plane they want a shot of a Nespresso, the foot rest up and their Sunday Times [newspaper] waiting for them."

She's held birthday parties in the sky, after-parties for pop stars who she's flown with for their concert tours, and even put on full banquets for her guests. It's a job that requires her to be constantly adaptable to whatever situation she's in."Pop bands, royalty, millionaires, billionaires, heiresses," Benton lists as people she's flown with. "I've [flown] a lot of people you see on TV and you can get a bit nervous, but when you fly these people you understand they're just like everyone else."

As for the parties, she says there's a need to make sure they "don't get out of control."

"You kind of need to be on the ball a little bit -- not letting them drink too much, but not spoil the fun and kind of having a balance," Benton says.