People Assumed I Squandered All Her Tusker Project Fame Money! Ruth Matete's Ex Boyfriend Speaks

Ruth Matete with Ex boyfriend, Prince

Tusker Project Fame season five winner Ruth Matete has resurfaced online months after sinking in isolation when she lost her Nigerian Hubby. 

Her comeback has caught the attention of former lover Prince Tsyder who made headlines in 2012 when he hooked up with Matete.

During their heigh days, Ruth and Prince who is an actor with 'Tahidi High' were inseparable and at one point, they attended a red carpet event together with Ruth’s father.

The actor dated the gospel singer who is expecting her first child, after winning Tusker Project Fame.

Matete won Sh5 million which people speculated she squandered with the help of Prince.

But according to him, he met her way after the prize money was gone. It is said that the money was over a few months after winning it.

“I tried to commit suicide since I had never been in a place where I was required to handle so much pressure,” she said in a past interview.

“It was hard for me and I embarked on fasting for 21 days but only managed 16.”

In a candid interview with Dennis Mugo aka OJ on his YouTube channel, Prince said dating Matete changed his life for the worst.

“My relationship with Ruth Matete was one of the hardest. To some point, she doesn’t even know if she messed up my life,” he said.

“We were in a relationship and guys assumed I squandered all her money. When I met her, she did not have any money.”

His biggest regret thus far is that Matete did not try to protect him from the public.

“She is not that stupid. At least she should have clarified I was a different guy. We had challenges just like any other relationship and if you realise, I never spoke. My family even started to doubt me,” he told OJ.

Matete just recently made a social media comeback following the death of her husband.

Speculations were rife that she had a hand in Apewajoye’s death.

She has since been absolved of any wrongdoing.