This Is Why Some Of The Embakasi Ranching Company Shareholders May Never Get Title Deeds

This Is Why Some Of The Embakasi Ranching Company Shareholders May Never Get Title Deeds

The signing of leases and issuance of title deeds to shareholders of the Embakasi Ranching company had been scheduled to end on 25th September , but will run until October 16.

Land CS Farida Coroney said the slow pace of issuance of title deeds at the company in Ruai is due to lack of original documents by landowners and proper succession documents in cases where landowners are deceased.

“One of the challenges we have faced is the lack of proof of ownership. In some cases where the landowners are deceased, there are no proper succession documents. We urge all landowners to work with their lawyers to get the proper documents so that we can fast-track the processing of their title deeds,” she said.

Details have emerged revealing that to some individuals, the process may never bare fruits. There seem to be a group of shareholders who have no chance of receiving title deeds at all.

Part of the problem is that 14,000 acres of the Embakasi land which was sub-divided by Embakasi Ranching Company was government land and its mother title still reads Settlement Fund Trustee (SFT).

Another 16,000 quarter-acre plots in the same area have no chance of getting title deeds unless the firm repossesses public utility land it dished out to individuals irregularly. This was land that had been surrendered for public utility.

Besides that, the black book, which had the original shareholders, is so convoluted that it makes no sense. And further, some plots have more than three owners — and thousands might be left holding worthless pieces of paper — which is a story for another day.


Embakasi Ranching Company consisted of 22,000 acres and was the largest land-buying company in Nairobi. The land was outside Nairobi in the plains of Ruai and nobody was interested in it. By the time it was acquired it had a sisal processing factory and more than 5,000 cows.

Former Embakasi MP Muchiri Muchiri , a chain-smoker then, was a bosom friend of Mr Njenga Karume, then the chairman of the powerful Gikuyu, Embu and Meru Association (Gema) and through Mr Karume, he had managed to convince President Jomo Kenyatta to approve the purchase of the land in Embakasi and start selling the shares.

For that, he made Mr Karume a director of Embakasi Ranch together with the likes of Mr Mathenge Nduhiu and Mr Thuita. It was through Gema’s influence that Mr Muchiri won the Embakasi seat from Mr Mwangi Karungaru in 1974.