Insurance Company's Behavior Raises Questions Over Missing Thika Businessman

Insurance Company's  Behavior Raises Questions Over Missing Thika Businessman

A new development has emerged following the disappearance of Thika businessman Julius Gitau who went missing on Monday, September 21.

This is after an insurance company allegedely contaced his next of kin, a move that has raised eyebrows even as police continue to investigate the disappearance.

The businessman is alleged to have taken a life insurance cover with the said insurance company.

"We find this odd. Why the hurry even when there is no proof that Mr Gitau is dead? Why begin beneficiary contacting without a valid document to prove death?" a source revealed. 

Police have also raised concern following a report filed by Gitau's driver Geoffrey Wachira and Gitau's first wife Lucy Wahu. Accoding to the investigators, the report was made at 4 p.m despite a note being found in the morning.

Wahu is also an aunt to the driver, with Gitau having two other wives, Rachel Muthoni who resides with her mother-in-law in Kaharate and Celina Nelly a police officer in Thika.

Gatanga Police boss Peter Mucheru revealed that they are investigating the credibility of the suicide theory that was earlier reported.

"The driver is our main link in venturing deeper into solving the puzzle.

"This driver says he was called to go collect the lorry at Blue Post at 10 a.m and found Gitau's phone, masking tape and the suicide note in the dashboard," stated Mucheru.

Sources also claim that analysis on the suicide note revealed that it was not written by Gitau since his handwriting on previous documents does not match the ones on the suicide note.

Police are also investigating why the driver chose the aunt who is Gitau's first wife to report the incident hours later after they learnt about the disappearance.

Gitau's mother, Rosemary Wanjiru, however, has made an appeal to Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to step up their efforts in finding her son.