Governor Sonko Reveals How Raila Is Being Played By The Deep State

Governor Sonko Reveals How Raila Is Being Played By The Deep State

Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko has come out with a new revelation claiming that the system is using former prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In a long social media post, Sonko wrote that the forces behind the president are scared of Raila citing the biggest reason they had to bring him inside government under the disguise of handshake.

The city Governor said that the countries cartels stealing public resources have been at ease since the handshake came into play. 


Mike Sonko 

You ODM supporters wake up. I told you Baba is somehow being played by the System. The System knows very well the real Mount Kenya elders. What was the point of sending fake elders all the way to Bondo including my friend Billy Arocho who hails from nyanza and who also wore a kikuyu traditional headgear.

The System brought Baba on board coz they feared how he was openly exposing their scandals including the Ministry of Health scandal where county Governments lost over 63 Billion the same was confirmed by the senate adhoc committee's report.

Even though EACC and DPP won't take any action as usual because they receive instructions from one mastermind who thinks he is the God of Kenya and above the law and that he can fool all Kenyans and leaders by intimidation of their incarceration and even death. Just like they went silent when county's public playground in South C was grabbed and a mall constructed, Covid billionaires in the KEMSA scandal, County primary school land in Ruaraka where 1.5 billion was lost, Integrity Center where taxpayers lost 1.4 billion.

These same state proxies who have swindled 63B from counties also participated in the stealling of Covid-19 funds in Kemsa and again have been single sourced to build 23 hospitals in Nairobi without following due process. I will not be silent when the common mwananchi is being robbed in broad daylight.