Rehabilitation Of Kasarani Sub-County Roads To Be Completed In August 2021

Rehabilitation Of Kasarani Sub-County Roads To Be Completed In August 2021

The government is set to complete the rehabilitation and upgrade of a 9.6-kilometre road in various parts of Kasarani Sub-County at a cost of Ksh 712 million in August 2021.

The roads to be rehabilitated include the 3 km Kasarani-Mwiki road, the Sunnyside Estate Court road that is approximately 0.6 km and the 3km Lucky Summer-Gitwamba-Kasarani Mwiki Link road

According to Engineer Jane Mapeli from the Kenya Urban Road Authority (KURA), the contractor Baraki International Limited has been encountering challenges of constructing the Lucky Summer-Gitwamba-Kasarani Mwiki Link road due to encroachment of road corridors by individuals who have constructed permanent residential buildings.

She said the rehabilitation which commenced on August 5 last year is currently 46.61 percent done and is funded by the government and the Development Fund under KURA.

The engineer was speaking at the site when she received the Nairobi County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) team led by the Chair Flora Mworoa and the Secretary of the Committee Larry Mulomi from the President’s Delivery Unit.

Mapeli said the works to be undertaken on the road will include footpaths on either side of the road include drainage facilities, a river crossing bridge at Gitwamba River, street lighting installations and landscaping.

The Resident Engineer John Tirkole of Kasarani-Mwiki Road on Kasarani-Mwiki Road his part also noted that the construction of the road had stalled due to encroachment of traders who have erected kiosks and other illegal structures along the road reserves.

Tirkole said the structures are hindering the contractor, Jamkara Contractors Limited, from constructing diversions for smooth passage of traffic due to a limited road corridor which is 12.9 percent done.

The removal notice that was issued on June 5, 2020, for 30 days expired on July of the same year but they are still adamant to vacate,” he added.

The County Commissioner assured that the CDICC committee will address the challenges to enable the contractors’ progress with their works without hitches to enable them to complete the projects as scheduled.