Wahiga Mwaura And Wife Spotted Kissing In Public(Photos)

Wahiga Mwaura And Wife Spotted Kissing In Public(Photos)

Citizen TV's news presenter Wahiga Mwaura is by no doubt attractive on the screens, someone whom many ladies would wish for.

While a bachelor one day, Waihiga was watching a TV programme hosted by gospel singer Joyce Omondi. He got attracted to her and told himself: “This is what I’ve been missing in my life.”

The senior news presenter did everything he could and to cut the long story short, Waihiga and Joyce are today an inspiring couple to so many people.

Through their social media pages, the two celebrities have been exposing their love story without fearing any consequences should things fall apart – God forbid!

It has been everything from sharing sweet kisses in public to showing off that their marriage was ordained from above.

Recently the couple shared a heart warming photo of them kissing passionately in what many found adorable. 

It is clear they were meant for each other.

Waihiga has many times confessed that he is a proud husband while Joyce is always grateful to have found a loving man.