Naisula Lesuuda Speaks About Her Most Painful Heartbreak That Happened At Daystar University

Naisula Lesuuda Speaks About Her Most Painful Heartbreak That Happened At Daystar University

Samburu West Legislature Naisula Lesuuda revealed how heart-wrenching and heart-breaking it felt when she was pushed to the side or rather dumped by her first boyfriend for being poor.

The incident manifested while she was still on campus, striving to grasp a content or two. Her dreams must have included cozying up to the bourgeoisie.

As published by the Standard, the captivating lawgiver came face to face with the major emotional turmoil right when she was pursuing her degree in communication and community development at Daystar University. 

In her statement, it was difficult for her to heal her heart and repair the 'lasting' damage that had been dented all over her emotions, thanks to the experience.

"My worst moment was my dating experience. My first attempt at dating did not work out because my boyfriend made it clear to my face that I had nothing to offer him because I was not from the same social class." She recalled.

From her own admission, it became clear that the man sought after ladies from a wealthy background, a true definition of a bourgeoisie bandwagon.

"He went to date another lady from the same social class as his. You just don’t forget such an experience," she said.

Notably, the lawmaker wasn't ready to let the experience tarnish her worldview. She fluidly stepped out of the weakening relationship and made an effort to intermingle the world of relationships with ease.

"Looking at other people who dated and got married to those they dated on campus, I learned that you can’t use one person’s experience to say that dating doesn’t work. Everyone’s experience is different and special," she conveyed.

The Samburu West MP also revealed that her fee was only met through bursaries and scholarships.

"I experienced culture shock. The only time I came to Nairobi was when I used to go for Bible camps which was a different set up from being in campus. There were cliques, outrageous fashion and the urban rich kids to contend with. I was a quiet student who had one friend at a time," she was quoted by the publication.