Narok Chopper Crash: Pilot Suspects Bad Weather Despite A Video Revealing Clear Skies (WATCH VIDEO)

Narok Chopper Crash: Pilot Suspects Bad Weather Despite A Video Revealing Clear Skies (WATCH VIDEO)

Narok Governor Samwel Tunai and three others on Saturday escaped a chopper crash unhurt in Melili area, Narok East.

The three other people involved in the crash include Narok East MP Ken Kiloku, Tunai’s bodyguard and the pilot.

Tunai was leaving the funeral service of Mzee Tompo ole Sai, father to Narok CEC for Finance Julius Sasai when the tragedy occurred.

The pilot of the ill-fated chopper carrying Narok Governor Samuel Tunai that crash-landed shortly after takeoff on Saturday says he suspects bad weather and high altitude as possible causes of the mishap.

While the cause of the crash could not be immediately established reports pointed at a mechanical problem.

But the pilot identified as Marc Goss seemed to dismiss the mechanical problem claims despite a video that surfaced online on Saturday evening showing moments before the crash depicting a clear sky and normal wind currents blowing through the vast Narok’s Wheatfield. 


Gross said he was fine and the rest of the occupants who were rushed to hospital for a check-up after the crash are also doing well.

“I am ok and there is nothing to worry about. The other occupants are okay too,” said Goss.

In the video footage that surfaced online, the pilot can be seen making several attempts to take off without success.

The aircraft, registration Number 5Y-MEP, took off finally but crash-landed shortly on a wheat field near Olenkipejus village in Narok County. Its tail section was cut off from the main body.

Gross is the head of the Rapid Response Unit at Mara Elephant Project and the chopper with “Mara Trust” writings belongs to the Karen Blixen Camp Trust.

The aircraft is used for wildlife conservation activities at the Maasai Mara.

The pilot often uses the chopper to drive away elephants whenever they invade human settlements.