Mwanaisha Chidzuga Celebrates Her Powerful Politician Mother During Mashujaa Day

Mwanaisha Chidzuga Celebrates Her Powerful Politician Mother During Mashujaa Day

Former K24 journalist Mwanaisha Chidzuga had people talking after she went on social media celebrating her mother .

But what most did not know was the ex news anchor is a product of a powerful woman in the country who was the Kwale women Representative 2013-2017

Zainab Chidzuga, was among outstanding men and women who were recognised by President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Mashujaa celebrations on Tuesday, October 21. Zainab was recognised for her work of championing for the rights of the less fortunate in Kwale County.

In an Instagram post seen by , honouring her heroine, Mwanaisha shared a photo of her mum Zainab as she detailed how much the lady had changed lives.

Mwanaisha's beautiful mum who is a politician held onto a medal and had the same smile as her jolly daughter.


The two were like peas in a pod and bore a striking resemblance to one another.

Mwanaisha who was beyond moved by her mum's hard work celebrated the lady for being an ironwoman who brought development and change to her people.

"Without a doubt, your efforts to elevate the society especially the girlchild has earned you a lot of praise and respect. Thank you for leading the way mentoring and being a guardian to so many of us. We love you and forever we will be grateful for impacting our lives in so many ways," the scribe wrote.

The journalist previously got candid and revealed that her youngest daughter fought for years to stay alive.

She celebrated how strong her child was and vowed to always love the beautiful angel.

The proud mother of four who had kept her predicament private for long told the world how proud she was of her two-year-old daughter during the little one’s birthday.

And even at the face of adversity, the former TV presenter’s daughter managed to bring light and happiness to her family.