Music Group "Sailors Gang" Forced To Start From Scratch After Big Disappointment.

Music Group "Sailors Gang" Forced To Start From Scratch After Big Disappointment.

Previously know as Sailors Gang all over, The Sailors 254 have been forced to start a new YouTube channel and social media pages.

According to their new management BMR, this is all because their previous management MRX, owned by Mwalimu Rachael alongside her husband, K-Leta, has refused to give them access to their channel.

A close source revealed that she wanted them to pay Ksh 1.5 million for the log in credentials. To which they confirmed.


In an interview, the group said they were bitter about this whole situation. 

"When she mentioned ksh1.5 million we asked ourselves where are we supposed to get all that money from? And furthermore, she has never given us anything close to that amount so why should we pay her all that? She is really killing our career. But one thing we will tell her is karma is a b**ch, what goes around comes back around and she should remember she is also raising a son like us," Sailors said

But despite all the drama going on in their lives, they released a new song, 'Kulewa Kuchuchuma'.

This one is different because it was being uploaded on their new channel.

A channel they were forced to open and start from scratch. From subscriber number one. The good thing is the song was trending on Twitter at number three after the drop. And it has received love and positive comments.

According to their new management, BMR, Dankez exclusively spoke to Kiss100 on their behalf and said,

"MRX attempts to stop the Sailors from moving on by holding their Instagram and YouTube Pages hostage. Sailors decided to forgo those platforms and we are starting new ones. No one can stop our talent!"

All Sailors 254 is seeking is your help to help them get back on the top chart by subscribing to their YouTube Channel and following them on their new social media platforms.