Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) Highlights

Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) Highlights

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report is finally out, with far-reaching recommendations that include the creation of the Prime Minister’s position. A President directly elected by the people, No running mate.

Here are some of the Highlights. 


* A President directly elected by the people, No running mate.

* He/she then appoints a Vice President who is the principal assistant to the President and will also hold a ministerial position. The Vice President can be relieved of their duties at any time.

* A President, after winning appoints a Prime Minister who will be from any member of the majority party or a coalition of the majority.

* The Prime Minister must have approval from more than fifty percent of parliament before he takes office.

* The Prime Minister is the supervisor and coordinator of all ministries. The Prime Minister is senior to Vice President.

* The Prime Minister has two deputies all appointed by the President from the majority party or coalition of the majority.

* The Prime Minister and his deputies can be relieved of their positions by the President without approval of parliament.

* Ministers can be appointed from parliament and those who are appointed from outside parliament become ex-officio members of parliament.


* All the current 290 constituencies to be retained in the National Assembly.

* The National Assembly will have 360 members based on proportional representation of votes attained at each county level.

* Members representing the individual constituencies in the National Assembly will be based on a county party list presented to the election body prior to the election date.

* The county party list must follow the zebra model of opposite gender in order to achieve gender parity.

* All the current 47 counties will be retained in the Senate.

* The Senate will have 94 members.

* Each county will be represented by two elected representatives of separate gender.

* Both Houses of Parliament will not have additional special interest nominated seats.


* All 47 county governments will be retained.

* Nairobi will have a special status with some of the critical functions being managed by the National Government.

* The Governor will run on a sole ticket without a running mate and will appoint a deputy on election from the opposite gender.

* The counties will be allocated a minimum of 35 percent of the National Revenue.

* There will be a ward development fund.