Don't Be A Victim, Bishop Gakuyo of the Infamous Land Scam Rebrands

Don't Be A Victim, Bishop Gakuyo of the Infamous Land Scam Rebrands

Over the years, thousands of unsuspecting land buyers in Kenya  have found themselves losing millions of money, sometimes in a very short time. 

Charlatans have taken advantage of the high demand to open fraudulent land buying and selling companies.

In 2018, Bishop David Kariuki Ngari alias Gakuyo of Calvary Chosen Centre caught national attention after his company, Gakuyo Real Estate, was involved in a multi-million scandal.

Investors of Ekeza Sacco under Gakuyo Real Estate, came out to allege that they had been conned and they could not access their savings.

Others claimed that they had bought land, but the company neither did it show them where their plots were nor give them title deeds.

The embattled man of the cloth would first deny the allegations, but later conceded that some illegalities and irregularities happened and money was lost.

He began the process of refunding money to the investors, although those who had big savings are still waiting.

Gakuyo is on the spotlight once again after he reportedly rebranded his company to give it a new face.

Famous Inooro TV news editor and reporter Waweru Wa Nyambura took to his Facebook page to cautions his fans and Kenyans in general against falling victims of such for the second time.

“Did I hear New Gakuyo Real Estate? My brother and sister, avoid it like plague,” he wrote.

When the company wished Kenyans a happy Mashujaa Day on 20th October, their comments’ section on Facebook was filled with responses of people asking for their savings and title deeds.