A Couple From Utawala Estate Is Searching For Woman Who Disappeared With Their Baby After Offering To Hold Him

A Couple From Utawala Estate Is Searching For Woman Who Disappeared With Their Baby After Offering To Hold Him

A couple from Nairobi's Utawala estate is searching for their baby who went missing after a woman who offered to hold the baby disappeared without a trace.

Baby Harold Ochieng's mother said she had strapped him on her back as she did laundry but he kept crying uncontrollably before the woman only identified as Aisha offered to help.

A report showed Aisha was reported to have been visiting the couple identified as Pauline Ilenje and David Ochieng's neighbour on that day.

“She requested to hold him until I was done with cleaning and I agreed,” said Ilenje mother.

It was not until she finished doing the laundry when she realised both the woman and her five-month-old baby were missing.

A shocked 24-year-old Ilenje made frantic calls to her 43-year-old husband but they went unanswered and what followed were hours of panic and a painful search for her baby.

She proceeded to Utawala police station to file a report but the officers at the station asked her to find her neighbour and present him to the station. 

Her husband who is a casual labourer joined her later and together they got hold of their neighbour and reported back to the police station for questioning.

“Officers at the station then asked us to search for Aisha, whose house we traced to Githunguri in Kiambu County. However, we did not find her there," said Ochieng.

"The door was open but no one was inside. Neighbours told us they spotted her come and leave with a baby and a bag,” Pauline’s husband added.

The couple then returned to the police at Utawala police station to update them on their findings but they were referred to Ruai police station.

There, they were asked to continue with the search until the following day - Friday, October 23- afternoon.

“We wondered how we could continue with the search even past curfew hours but we did it anyway without a police escort,” said the baby’s father.

Determined to find their son, the couple decided to return to Githunguri where they were hopeful that they might find the woman at her house.

Unfortunately, Aisha had not returned. Instead, they found a young girl identified as Diana who confirmed that the woman lived there but was not in.

They later returned to the station to file a missing child report and shared photos of their baby for circulation as they questioned their neighbour and the girl who was found at Aisha's house.

The couple said the neighbour now claimed the woman was her laundry lady and not his girlfriend.