Police In Persuit Of Fake House Agent In Utawala After A Conning Spree

Police In Persuit Of Fake House Agent In Utawala After A Conning Spree

Police have launched a manhunt for a house agent in Utawala, Nairobi county who has been conning unsuspecting clients.

John Mweu alias Edward Muasya has been running a con syndicate where he has been using an on-line platform Facebook to rent out inexistence houses. Edward Muasya

This has seen many people fall for his trap where he posts photos and rates of houses which do not exist. 

"He is a member of Utawala residents forum where he posts to have houses for rent, demands for deposits then disappears,”, read a post in the group.

However he recently conned a member of sh5000 over a house that he had citing the mount as a holding fee. 

Mr Mweu later said that he had money problems and used the money. 

He has had an accomplice who he called Reverend /pastor posing as the house owner.

"Mimi na reverend tulikuwa na shida tukangawana pesa yako, nitakutafutia nikurudushie," Mr Mweu said.

The man whose identity by true caller identifies him as kijana landlord has been boosting of police protection hence his booming business.

Another resident said that with his signature look on a red cap efforts to expose him and have the authority take action has been futile. 

This was evident after an expose of the latest scam he has continued to advertise on various post by house seekers in the group. 

The reverend speaking to the reporter said that he was to travel hence his "son" who he has raised would facilitate on how to get the house keys.

The Reverend whose Mpesa name was Thomas Joel is also been sort by police for acquiring money under false pretense. 

The police said that they are on their radar and investigation launched to find out if he is working alone or as a team. 

Here are some of the comments:

nilimpigia na 2 different numbers na zote he was like nyumba iki akatuma photos za nyumba supuu sana at 20k. Viewing akakataa kupeana directions.

Another user said,” that man has conned alot of people miss you are not the first one. that bustard has a history in this platform.”

Yaani ulibuyia msee pombe..maybe ukamlipia rent...or maybe akaita kadem akambuyia choma na TUSKER CIDER KADHAA...wakabook room or wakaenda home wakakulana....NA PESA YAKO.