Utawala Overnight Theft Leaves 50 Houses Mysteriously Broken Into

Utawala Overnight Theft Leaves 50 Houses Mysteriously Broken Into

More Than 50 Families in Mihango, Utawala woke up to empty houses after suspected thieves broke into their houses and stole valuables overnight.

A victim of the robbery said “We woke up at around 5a.m to find our houses broken into, but we suspect that the robbers may have come to our block at 2.30 a.m. There some of us who have been robbed off money. We found a handbag on the ground floor. What scares us is that we had locked the doors from inside, but we found them wide open,” 

Terry Maina onother victim says that they do not understand how the robbers managed to steal TV sets, fridges, cookers from all the houses in the three storey building without causing an alarm.

She however claims that the suspected thugs might have drugged them in order for them to commit such a heist.



Fifty families living in a three-storey building in Mihang'o, Utawala, were robbed last night, oddly none of them heard a thing. @leilakhatenje reports.

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— NTV Kenya (@ntvkenya) November 4, 2020


“I am a very worried resident of Mihang’o because two weeks ago thieves broke into my car and removed radio and a tool box full of work stuff. That was a loss,” stated Terry 

“Today in the morning i was woken up by my neighbours. The whole plot from the top most floor to the first floor, the thugs came, broke into houses and stole electronics,” she narrated.

The Victims claim that that there has been a spike of robbery incidences that have resulted to them losing a lot of property.

They are now appealing to police officers to tighten security in the area.