3 Deep Secrets You Never Knew About Muhoho Kenyatta

3 Deep Secrets You Never Knew About Muhoho Kenyatta

Not only is he known by many Kenyans as the 2nd born son to President Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, but he is popularly known for his outgoing character and more by his nickname 'Mo.' Muhoho Kenyatta was born in 1996 as the son number two to the first family.


Below are three main things you never knew about Muhoho President Kenyatta's 2nd born son.

1.Muhoho is not only an artist but also a fashion designer and runs a clothing line in the country and around Africa. He in 2014, won the emerging designer category award. This prestigious award was handed to him by his mother, the First Lady of Kenya, at a Nairobi expo.


2.Two years after winning the award, Muhoho was pictured with Amina Mohamed's daughter in a private place. Muhoho appeared smoking with her thought; they quickly disputed the claims of being in a relationship with her.

3. Muhoho is so outgoing

The son of the president is an outgoing young man who quickly makes friends. He, in a past political rally, accompanied the DP in Eldoret, where he addressed the rally. He was also reported to have sneaked out of the Statehouse Mombasa in 2020 April. In photos in the public domain, the 22-year-old appears with different people in a cheerful mood.