40yr Old Prezzo Finally Explains Why He's Rich, Handsome And Single

40yr Old Prezzo Finally Explains Why He's Rich, Handsome And Single

Kenyan rapper Jackson Makini Aka Prezzo has it all - money, fame and looks but he is still single. A major concern for many including his family, friends and fans.

Explaining this on Mseto, he said that he is single because women do not want to accept who he is and his lifestyle. He lives large and is quite famous, so it comes with a few cons.

"The problem I have is that people I meet do not want to understand my life. They say I am too proud or the life I am living is not normal. So if a woman is not patient and understanding, then we can not work on anything. This is the life God chose for me, so you have to accept it. My prayer is that I will find someone who will understand my lifestyle which is not the normal kind. A woman who will persevere and I will protect and support her. If you have no peace at home then work can not be done." Prezzo explained

"You know I am a very humble person so that makes me a very loveable person. You might find someone is my friend but they show me love that is questionable. Many would think, what is going on between me and that person. But to be honest, there is really nothing going on. It is just that I am a funny person and you know I am a pretty cool guy myself. It has nothing to do with love." He told Mzazi Willy M Tuva

So ladies and gentlemen, he had nothing going on between him and Amber Lulu. He is just a sweet friend.