Kamene Broke Up With Boyfriend 3 Weeks After Tattooing His Name On Her Neck

Kamene Broke Up With Boyfriend 3 Weeks After Tattooing His Name On Her Neck

As Jalang'o likes to say, 'Do not get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing.' But I will add, it can also be ugly when it ends.

As from yesterday, there has been a picture doing rounds of a boychild's neck tattooed his babes name, Agnes. I know, the pain is too much to bear. But it is all in the name of love.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene said she really hopes Agnes is his mother's name because...

"I hope that is the name of your mother because, weh. What has Agnes given him to make him withstand this pain because I have ten tattoo's and they were all painful. Yani he decided to even do it in capital letters and even worse, he went to one of the worst tattoo artists because it does not look so good." Kamene said

"Baby let me ask you, out of the 10 have you tattooed anything to do with love?" Jalas asked

To which she responded saying 

"Two have a lot of love involved. There is one of my sister's name and my third tattoo was my first boyfriend's name. I chapad it on my back straight down to my spine. had to tattoo something on top to cover it. It is so weird, I got the tattoo and two weeks later, we broke up."

Jalas laughed out loud and said,

"Yani mkaachana! So you covered it with what?"So those who you have dated me after this ex yani they would sleep with you and you have another manz name on your back, Jesus is Lord.

"Love is stupid! Yani even before I covered it up, the guys I dated used to kasirika. I believe and I am convinced that love is sstupid aki. You never think beyond your nose. "