I learnt My Lesson! Eric Wainaina On Illicit Affair With TPF Winner Valerie Kimani That Brought Forth A Child

I learnt My Lesson! Eric Wainaina On Illicit Affair With TPF Winner Valerie Kimani That Brought Forth A Child

About a decade ago, celebrated singer Eric Wainaina and Tusker Project Fame (TPF) 1 winner Valerie Kimani made headlines when news of their illicit affair broke.

Eric and Valerie’s illicit love affair started way back in 2006 when the former was a principal at TPF whereas the latter was a contestant.

Their love blossomed for years and in 2010 Eric and Valerie were blessed with a son from their illicit affair. The pregnancy blew the lid off Eric and Valerie’s clandestine love affair.

Eric Wainaina's Child with Valarie kimani

Even though Eric later owned up to cheating and impregnating Valerie, his wife Sheba Hirst overlook his infidelity and ultimately forgave him.

The celebrated singer has now opened up about his illicit affair with Valerie which brought forth a child. Speaking during an interview, Eric said he learnt his lesson.

Eric Wainaina with his wife Sheba Hirst 

“I learnt a lot of lessons about faithfulness. We live in a society where men have been raised to imagine that it is OK to have multiple partners and that your friends will keep your secrets for you. You can dog your wife in the company of your best friend there. And when your wife calls him when seated right there with you, he will for sure come up with an excuse for you. Something like… ‘Oh Eric just stepped out…’ I told my friends I don’t need that from them and I don’t want to be their excuse either. Don’t get your girlfriend to call me and ask whether we were with you. I will say nope, I was not. Of course this comes from having slipped up before and understanding how much it hurt my wife, and deciding I don’t ever want to do that again. The biggest accomplishment for me, in tandem with my wife, is having saved our relationship from imploding,” said Eric Wainaina.

“I owned it. I did not go to the press to start defending myself because that’s not the kind of person I am. Also, a thing like that, while I think it is right to suffer some degree of public shame, making it public is not the way to solve it because all you can do is defend yourself instead of fixing it. I expected it to get as bad as it got, and I was definitely not going to deny it but now it’s in my past.”