Annitah Raey Reveals Finer Details Of Why She Suddenly Resigned From Her Job At Hot 96

Annitah Raey Reveals Finer Details Of Why She  Suddenly Resigned From Her Job At Hot 96

Hannah Gaturu, famously known as Annitah Raey, unceremoniously quit her job at Hot 96 on Wednesday November 18th. 

Raey announced her resignation on Twitter, saying that she was forced to quit her job because of toxic bosses.

The former Hot 96 presenter has since explained her resignation in detail in a YouTube video uploaded on her channel.

Raey explained that she had complained about issue at her former place for a while but all her complaints failed on deaf ears, leaving her with no option but to quit.

“I had complained about my work place issues genuinely for a while before I realized, I was going to lose my mind. I just took leave, went sat down by the beach and asked myself what am I fighting for?” Raey said.

“It’s really hard when you have to go on air to make other people happy. So you go through personal issues, then come to a work environment where you are not supported, you’re not appreciated and you’re being stressed. You are gonna die!”

She further advised her fans to walk away from toxic working environment if they are extremely stressed and can’t change the situation at their work place.

“Am not telling you to resign, me I resigned because my problems are not fixable, I have tried trust you me I have tried they are not fixable. If you are in a toxic working environment and you are watching this video, put your foot down. Sit your boss down and tell them ‘you know what imagine I love working here, I do. But I can’t work in this environment like this, you are making me lose my mind’. And if you think he’s gonna make you lose your mind walk away,” said Raey.