Jane Wanjiku From Kamulu Painfully Narrates How Her Husband Left To Live With Her Sister

Jane Wanjiku From Kamulu Painfully Narrates How Her Husband Left To Live With Her Sister

Jane Wanjiku, a mother of one recounts how the man she once loved abandoned her and moved in with her married sister.

Speaking to YouTuber Monica Kagoni from her house in Nairobi’s Kamulu area, Wanjiku said she married her dad's driver who would later ruin her life. According to the heartbroken woman, her then soulmate used to have multiple women whom he ensured he had kids with.

Jane got married to the father of her son immediately after completing high school and she ran away to live with him in Eldoret. Wanjiku said she discovered the man had another wife and together they had a son but she was forced to leave for her to occupy the space.

Jane Wanjiku


"I got married immediately after Form Four. The man was working as my dad's driver. I went to live with him in Eldoret. I found baby clothes in his house and he told me they belonged to the sister. After asking around, I was told he had a wife who left a week before I came in. The wife came back and we argued a lot and she decided to leave.She left me with her six months baby and later my hubby took the child to his parents," she said.

Jane Wanjiku's woes started when she was pregnant with their first child. The mother of one said that her hubby would bring women into their house and even force her and their son to sleep on the floor.

After giving birth to their second child, they would spend nights outside as her hubby and his women took the bed. "When I gave birth to our first son Kelvin, he changed. He would even go missing for weeks. He would also bring women home and force us to sleep on the floor.


I treated a lot of infections. We would sleep hungry and sometimes my neighbour would come in handy," she told Monica. Wanjiku painfully recounted how she lost her second child after he developed complications due to the nights they spent out in the cold.

Wanjiku also revealed she tried helping her hubby when he was down but ended up treating her like trash.

According to the businesswoman, the man who had nothing but only multiple women and 12 children left her house to live with her sister who was married. "I got a job in Nairobi and came back to Umoja. I told him I wanted to be alone. He sat down with my sisters and I do not know what they talked about.

He moved in with one of my sister's. He took all his belongings to my sister's house and she is a married woman," she said. The heartbroken mom told Kagoni that her ex-hubby was only after her property and her sisters used the man she loved to destroy her.