Hakuna Kula Fare Tena! Mpesa Technology That Withholds Funds In eWallet Even After Sending

Hakuna Kula Fare Tena! Mpesa Technology That Withholds Funds In eWallet Even After Sending

Many people have been conned their funds while trying to make mpesa transactions. Mostly while paying for goods and services that will be delivered to you. You find yourself paying for something and after making the payment, nothing is delivered. Instead you find that the person has put off his or her phone.


Our boy child have undergone the same problem for many years. A man sends fare to a lady and boom, the lady turns her phone off. Even after the reverse feature was added to mpesa, it was not that effective because someone withdraws the many from their eWallet and you cannot reverse.


Today i present to you a new technology in town that will now solve all these issues on both ends. Its called PAY PROTECT. If you use pay protect option, the receipt will receive a message alerting him or her that you have send the money but the cash will not reflect on the mpesa account. The money will only reflect after he or she delivers the item. For our boy child, you can use this feature to only allow money into her account once she has booked and ubber and you have confirmed that she is in the ubber using the GPRS coordinates.

To use this new feature. Dial *483*151#. Continue to register to the new platform by entering your details which includes your full name.

Once registration is done, the menu will appear as bellow with the below option.

To make payment, select option 1. Once the payment is made, the money will remain in your mpesa wallet. It will give you time to confirm if your good or service has been delivered to you. Once delivery has been made, you can now proceed to release the funds to the receipt using option 2. 

The platform is two way traffic, the receipt can also use the platform to ask you to release the money once he or she has made delivery. Those who have ever traded with bitcoins can understand this technology better.