Opinion : Why You Should Fight Poverty, Not Inequality

Opinion : Why You Should  Fight Poverty, Not Inequality

The myth of ending inequality is one that has to come to an end. Inequality is actually a good thing. It is what keeps us all motivated.

In the Morden world, a strange ideology has taken root that confuses ending poverty with ending inequality. The reality is that the more successful a society becomes, the more unequal it is going to be.

When you reduce poverty in a society, the market for the most enterprising people in that society expands exponentially. This means that the richest people in that country get much richer.

It is possible to create equality of opportunity and reduce human suffering to almost zero. However, equality of outcome is a misinformed childlike fairytale. People are different. They have different competencies, perspectives and paths in life.

It takes years of hard work and sacrifice to produce the technologies that make our world so rich and convenient today. Noone will give up valuable years of their lives if there isn't an exponential reward on the other end.

If you try to make everyone equal you create a Soviet dystopia. You will destroy innovation and enterprise, kill off employment and production and impoverish the entire society.

People will be equal but for the wrong reasons; they will all be hungry and miserable.

This has happened in every country that tried socialism and it's evil child communism. It is what happened to the 2nd and 3rd world that we are all just recovering from.

The mindset that hangs on to the idea of equality of outcome is not born out of kindness or the desire to reduce human suffering. It is born out of a hidden shadow of envy and resentment towards those who have what they secretly desire. It's not about improving the lives of the poor but instead it's about taking away from the rich.

In the West unfortunately, the same mistakes they avoided in the 20th century have now become popularised by a new miseducated generation that believes they are doing something completely new. These are the signs of a civilization that is in its decline cycle.