CCTV Footage Reveals The Truth About Abduction Of Thika Tycoon

CCTV Footage Reveals The Truth About Abduction Of Thika Tycoon

In September 2020, Kenyans were alerted to the news of a prominent Thika businessman who had allegedly committed suicide. James Gitau Wanyoike alias Gitau Malimali had left one of his wholesale shops in Thika CBD for the gym. He was driving one of his trucks when he disappeared at around 9 am on September 21st. The truck was found on the outskirts of the town around Blue Post Hotel, inside were the keys and a suicide note written by Mr Gitau.

For seventy five days Mr Gitau remained missing with the police denouncing the suicide theory mooted by the suicide note. Things got thick as Mr Gitau's mother issued threats claiming she would camp at the gates of State House Nairobi until the president intervened in the case. For the two and a half months James Gitau was missing, his businesses remained closed as his polygamous family squabbled over property. Other than his three wives, a similar number of women sufarced claiming to have children fathered by Mr Gitau.

Mr Gitau reappeared in early December claiming he had been kidnapped in Thika town and held captive in Kamwangi township of Gatundu South constituency for the entire period. His story has been under scrutiny by the police who have now released a bombshell which renders Mr Gitau's narrative all but a fanciful tale.

CCTV footage from the front of KRA in Thika town where Mr Gitau says he was kidnapped reveal that nothing of the sort happened in the vicinity. At Blue Post where Mr Gitau said he was transferred from his truck to a smaller vehicle, guards have reported that nothing of the sort happened. Security agencies in Kamwangi have also claimed that a kidnapping victim could not have been held in the village for such a long time without their knowledge.

It was later revealed that the business man was in deep financial trouble and only a few days after his disappearance, a claim was lodged on his Ksh 46 million life insurance policy. Mr Gitau is now expected to explain this discrepancies to the police failure to which he may be charged with giving false information to the police and spreading public fear.