Events That Led To The Brutal Murder Of KDF Soldier In Utawala

 Events That Led To The Brutal Murder Of KDF Soldier In Utawala

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is mourning one of its soldiers who was attacked and beaten to death by a group of six people in Nairobi's Utawala area.

The incident happened on the evening of Christmas Day, Friday, December 25, when the soldier and his brother had left an entertainment joint where they had made merry.

A fight ensured after the soldier met a couple and greeting the woman but greetings were not taken lightly by her partner.

According to a statement by the DCI, the man was disgusted leading to a fight where the two factions engaged each other in stone-throwing.

Things, however, went west after the couple was overpowered and started shouting that they were being attacked by robbers.

"Last night, after being beaten by a mob of six people, a KDF sergeant lost his life in the most bizarre way. The 38-year-old soldier and his brother were walking home from the Fahari Hotel in Utawala where they were drinking," read a statement from the DCI.

A group of at least six people responded and beat up the soldier and his brother. The KDF soldier succumbed to his injuries while his brother escaped death by a whisker.

Following the incident, detectives have arrested five suspects in connection with the murder. They will be arraigned on Monday, December 28.