Waititu Cleared To Run For Nairobi Governoship As Independent Candidate

Waititu Cleared To Run For Nairobi Governoship As Independent Candidate

Monday, Dec 28 -  Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu is running for Nairobi Gubenatorial position as an Independent Candidate.

Through a notice by the registrar of political parties, Waititu was cleared to vie for the position.

“Your application was considered and the High Mast/flood light symbol is recommended as it is not similar to the symbol of a fully registered political party,” the notice reads in part.

Nairobi governorship seat fell vacant following the impeachment of Mike Mbuvi Sonko on the grounds of gross misconduct, corruption among other charges.

Waititu was also impeached as the governor of Kiambu on the charges of corruption, gross misconduct and gross violation of office.

Earlier, it was announced that lawyer Miguna Miguna who is in exile will vie for the Nairobi governor position on a Thirdway Alliance party ticket.

In a statement signed by the party’s national chairman, Miruru Waweru, the party said honouring Miguna’s candidature will be a way for Kenya to correct “one of the greatest political mistakes of our generation”

Waweru added, “Nairobi deserves leadership devoid of ineptitude, unbridled lust and gluttony for public resources which has defined it for the last eight years.”

The party wants court orders regarding his citizenship honoured.

“It is, therefore, a great honour for the Thirdway Alliance Kenya to unveil Miguna Miguna as its candidate for this by-election,” the party said.

But according to Ekuru Aukot who is the party leader, the party has never discussed Miguna’s candidature.

“Kenyans, don’t be misled by rent seekers and merchants in our party. While I would love to have the NRM General @MigunaMiguna as our candidate, the party under my leadership never even discussed his candidature as an agenda. This is the work of rent seekers!” Aukot tweeted.