Gitobu Imanyara Speaks On Slapping Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki

Gitobu Imanyara Speaks On Slapping Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki

Former Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara finally revealed the events that led to him exchanging blows with the then First Lady Lucy Kibaki.

Speaking to Standard, the ex-MP conveyed that the scuffle between them started to sprout the instant he took the side of Clifford Derrick, a journalist who was slapped by the late Lucy Kibaki.

Former President Mwai Kibaki had invited leaders attached to small political parties at Statehouse to talk politics. This saw Gitobu attend the meeting as part of a delegation from Chama Cha Mwananchi. 

He was initially denied entry, however, after calls were made the former MP was allowed to enter the revered compound.

Even before Gitobu could plunge himself into the unwinding environment of the statehouse, he heard the then First Lady lurching and screaming, “Why is he here? Who allowed him into my house?

He would be called to a room where he found Lucy Kibaki dressed in a nightdress and dripping with anger.

"She started raining blows at me. She grabbed my shirt and called me names. I tried disengaging but she held on. I slapped her hard and she fell hard on the floor,” the lawyer recounted.

Silence immediately engulfed and in a short while, the then-first lady started shouting after which the security men took her away.

"I thought someone would grab me and lock me up. They let me drive out and I sighed with relief,” the ex-MP recalled.

The lawyer claimed that he slapped Lucy Kibaki in self-defense.

In a past interview touching on the incident, Former Imenti Central MP confirmed that he had received apologies from the president.