Reasons Why 'Yote Ni Vanity' Singer Daddy Owen Might Take Back His Cheating Wife

Reasons Why 'Yote Ni Vanity' Singer Daddy Owen Might Take Back His Cheating Wife

Word doing the rounds on the street is that gospel star Daddy Owen’s wife Farida Wambui dumped him for a richer man after 5 years of marriage.

Close source to the Daddy Owen Family told that, “Farida is secretly engaged to a tycoon from Gilgil who owns a luxury hotel. Daddy Owen only got to find out she is engaged through pals. The ostentatious engagement ceremony was hosted in Naivasha.”

“As we speak, Daddy Owen fears for his life, he is in hiding. he changes cars and doesn’t sleep at the same place often.”

And what was the reason for that? The source explained saying, “For three years now, Daddy Owen has been depressed and it all came to a hilt when he was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha. The relative told him, he has just seen his wife get engaged to a rich tycoon and he was wondering what’s up? He knew his wife was away on a business trip and had no idea what that relative was talking about. He travelled to Naivasha where he tracked down the couple and found out that the man who engaged his wife is a hotelier in Gilgil.”

So far, neither Farida nor Daddy Owen has responded to calls for comment. While people might be wondering what the singer will do, I believe that he will forgive her.

Why? The reasons are below:

Firstly, that the singer was willing to marry a woman who was a single mother and hid this fact from the public. High-value men like Daddy Owen don’t marry women who already have kids. Him doing it shows me that the singer might not see his worth and as such believes he struck the jackpot with Farida and might not get better than her.

Secondly, the source’s information about the singer being depressed for 3 years shows me that the singer is content to stay in an unfulfilling marriage and this new turn will still not get him out of his stupor. Surely before she left him, there must have been some red flags popping up that he ignored.

Thirdly, the church will strongly encourage/pressure him to go forgive his wife and take her back, something a Christian celeb in the public spotlight will most likely be expected to do.