Form 3 Student Stabs Two Teachers At Kisii School

Form 3 Student Stabs Two Teachers At Kisii School

Tue, 12th January - Police in Kisii is investigating an incident where a student is alleged to have stabbed two teachers at Kisii School.

Senior police officers and education officials have arrived at the school although the media has been barred from accessing the compound.

The form three student allegedly got late to class and was summoned to the staffroom Tuesday morning. At the staffroom, he stabbed one of the teachers identified as Edwin Mokaya.

The second teacher was stabbed as he tried to rescue his colleague.

The hospital administrator Enock Abobo said the teachers are in stable condition but one will be taken to the theatre.


Egesa FM

A Form Three student stabs two teachers at Kisii High School after being summoned to the office for reporting to class late.

The incident happened after the student was summoned to the staff room by the teacher who asked him kneel down.

The student then took a knife and stabbed the teacher severally before he was rescued by colleague teacher who was also stabbed.

The two teachers were rushed to Ram hospital for treatment.