Special Truck To Take Over Kenyan Roads On A 3-Month Journey

Special Truck To Take Over Kenyan Roads On A 3-Month Journey

Tue, 12th January - Motorists have been cautioned over a wide trailer ferrying special cargo plying Kenyan roads over the next three months.

In a public notice on Tuesday, January 12, the trailer is scheduled to travel from Mombasa to Malaba using various routes through the country.

The truck is expected to follow the Mombasa – Mariakani – Voi – Mtito – Machakos Route into Nairobi.

From there it will go from Ruai via Eastern By-Pass before connecting with the Northern By-Pass to Mutarakwa – Naivasha – Nakuru – Eldoret and completing its circuit at Malaba.

The transporters stated that the journey would take place between January 11 to March 31, 2021.

The cargo is a coal tank which is 4.95 meters wide which is more than twice the width of a standard vehicle

“Motorists should be careful when approaching the truck,” the notice by Seven Stars Limited read in part.

Earlier in January 2021, motorists were cautioned over another convoy of trucks with extra-wide loads on the Kenyan roads.

When approaching trucks with wide loads, drivers are advised to slow down and move over if necessary to give the machine room to pass without causing destruction.

When following the extra-wide vehicles, drivers are advised to wait until the rear pilot vehicle operator signals them to overtake.

The trucks may be inclined to use the climbing lanes on roads where such a lane is available on a slope but even then it is safe for a driver to maintain a safe distance.

Vehicles that transport abnormal load have chassis, trailers, axles, tires, and trailers customized to suit the specific need of the consignment depending on its length and weight.

The drivers undergo refresher courses on quality, health, safety, and the environment as well as road risks, largely posed by third-party road users.