Grandfather Kijana : Jimmy Gathu Welcomes 3rd Grandchild

Grandfather Kijana : Jimmy Gathu Welcomes 3rd Grandchild

Monday, 18th January - Nearly all parents will tell you nothing beats the feeling of welcoming a new soul into the world. 

People may be going through a lot of difficulties and unfortunate scenarios but things usually change upon the welcoming of a newborn baby, as they bring joy.

If a parent cannot contain his or her joy following the births of their babies, what of the grandparents who are lucky enough to see their grandchildren.

Well, media personality Jimmy Gathu happens to be among the few lucky old men who were able to see their grandchildren before being called home by their maker.

The revered TV personality up until recently was a grandfather of two, something that most people are yet to believe.

God has been very good for him and his family judging by a social media post he shared recently.


Jimmy, famed for the Wachana na Mpango wa kando advert shared a photo of himself holding a cute little baby on his Instagram account on Thursday, January 14, night.

On the caption, the journalist turned actor disclosed to fans he had been blessed with a third grandchild.

He went on to thank God for the blessing and revealed to fans they had named the baby Enzo Gathu Thuo.

''Holding my 3rd Grand Child..Enzo Gathu Thuo. #MunguNiMsoh'' Jimmy wrote.

His post stunned many people who still could not believe he is a grandpa.

Many people were shocked that he was a granddad yet his physical appearance and aura screamed youth.

Quite a number of his followers, including fellow celebrities congratulated him on end as they prayed for the Gathu legacy.

Just recently, Gathu impressed Kenyans after sharing a cute photo of himself with wife and their two grandchildren.

This, he did while celebrating 22 years of marriage.

On the caption of his photo, Gathu noted that the couple was celebrating 22 years of marriage which he has in the past credited to his wife's love and care.

The journalist is 50 but looks nothing past 35.