Jeff Koinange Gifts Mother Classic Mercedes For Valentines

Jeff Koinange Gifts Mother Classic Mercedes For Valentines

Monday, 15th February - Citizen news anchor Jeff Koinange has unveiled a vintage Mercedes Classic W124 series as a Valentine's Day Gift to his mother, Mary Nyambura Koinange.

Taking to instagram, the veteran journalist revealed details of the white Mercedes Benz whose factory price is patched at an estimated Ksh1 million.

"A Labour Of LOVE. After five months of Repair and Restoration, I finally went to collect my Mother's Classic 124-Series from Autoart racing. Thanks to Shelina Mohammed and her amazing team for a job well done!! A perfect Valentine's Day gift for a Wonderful Mother," he wrote.

The news elated many Kenyans, most of whom expressed their admiration for the journalist for expressing his love to his old lady through a beautiful, classic car.

"Bro, a sneak into the interior? This is timeless classic

"What a beauty for the IRON LADY. A classic Mercedes Benz. Fantastic is the word.

"That is a really beautiful present for your mum.

"Jeff, this is the real thing! Original," read some of the comments by netizens.

Jeff has in the past detailed the immense impact his mother has had on his life. From his love for country music to his career in journalism, Jeff has attributed his success to the foundation laid by his mother.

“Thanks for introducing all your children to country music more than 40 years ago and thanks for always being there for us and for never giving up. Love you much and God Bless you always!" Jeff previously stated. 

Not to be left behind in the Mercedes Benz craze, the media personality also owns a Mercedes Benz G-class whose price is on the upside of Ksh10 million. 

The vintage W124 series reflects the classic era of the Mercedes-Benz product range. The classic car proved to be cost-efficient in the 90s era.

The Mercedes engineers stayed true to their core values of quality and durability by offering a four- and six-cylinder engines fuelled with petrol or diesel, in capacities ranging from an underwhelming 2 litres to an adequate 3.2 litres.

The interior of the car also exudes quality with state of the art leather seats showing no signs of long term use. Further, the engine and gearbox run smoothly with a maximum speed of 135 mph, a perfect combination that lures most Kenyans to opt for German-made machines.