Woman Detained After Policeman Dies In Her House

Woman Detained After Policeman Dies In Her House

Monday, 15th February - Police in Garissa County on Sunday detained a woman following the mysterious death of a man in her house.

Grace Mueni, 36, was arrested at the Garissa Police Station where she had gone to report the mysterious death of the man, a police officer with whom she had been cohabiting with.

“She left the house for work on Saturday morning leaving the officer relaxing after night duties. However, when she returned home, she found the deceased lying on the bed with foam-like substance oozing from the mouth,” a report filed at the station read in part.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives visited the scene and the body was taken to the Garissa County Referral Hospital morgue.

An autopsy is set to be conducted on the body to establish the cause of death on Monday, February 15.

In the meantime, Mueni is assisting police with investigations.