Non Profit Organization 'Kings And Queens' Group To Hold This Event

Non Profit Organization 'Kings And Queens' Group To Hold This Event

In a world where you can be anything, 'Kings and Queens', a non profit organization has decided to be kind. Through their regular visits to children homes and involvement in community based projects, they are trying their best to make the world a better place.

The group has a membership of over 200 youths and on 28th February will be conducting a charity event at 'Good Shepherd Orphanage' in Nairobi's Ruai Ward.

The event dubbed 'Show Love Edition' has been created to support the orphanage with financial and material help which can be taken physically or channeled through Kings And Queens PAYBILL 247247 or EQUITY BANK ACC NO 1440179890132 or MPESA TILL NUMBER 646309(Lipa na Mpesa). 


Read more information about the group. 


Kings and Queens is a registered nonprofit organization started in the year 2015 under the leadership of Henry Mwaka. We are a total of 200 members with 158 of us being active members.

We are youths within Kasarani sub county from different background who believe that we are the leaders of tomorrow and therefore we decided in unity to come together to push for the representation of youths in various spaces as political, social and economic as stated in the constitution of Kenya.

In doing this we believe that there will be youth inclusion and we will be able to create and grab job opportunities as they come.

 Our mission: To empower the less fortunate and vulnerable community members.

The vision: To build an industrious, empowered and healthy community.

We have a clear committee that steer up the organization activities and developments and they include:

Henry Mwaka…………..The Chairman

Everlyne Warima……..Vice Chairperson

David Njoroge…………..Treasurer

Caroline Wamboi……..Secretary

Willy Mwangi……………Vice Secretary

John Maina………………Project Coordinator

John Muriuki……………Signatory

Jonathan Kioko………..Event Manager

 We do various charitable activities to improve the living conditions of children, the elderly and vulnerable persons. Among these activities are visiting different children homes with food staff and presents. During our visits we don’t just take these presents but we also help these children in their chores of the day talking to them, playing, encouraging and motivating them. In some cases we have chipped in to pay school fees for those children whose parents were not able to pay.


We also visit elderly persons and help where possible for instant we build better shelters for those whose conditions of living are intolerable and empower them by starting small vegetable stall business to keep them going.

Apart from these we also come together to help talk to youths within the society who are struggling with various addictions be it drug or sexual addictions and go as further as help sponsor their rehabilitation and open small businesses for those willing to do to help them quit these vices.

Among us are people with different knowledge and experiences and we use these to empower each other within this organization and we also give people platform to make a change in their areas of expertise in terms of talking and motivating the youths outside.

Us coming together as youths and running this organization for these years is a sign that youths in Kenya are mature enough, well equipped and ready to take this country to the next level of development. We therefore hope to continue getting support from the society and our leaders in various capacities as situation may call. You can follow us on our facebook page Kings and Queens Family Kenya or visit our website; to see our activites and for support.