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Actor Nick Mutuma Has Broken Silence On Sexual Assault Allegations

Celebrated Kenyan Actor Nick Mutuma has  broken the silence following sexual allegation claims that have resurfaced from 2016.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Monday, Mutuma said the resurfacing of the  allegations had presented a week-long nightmare to him and his family.Mutuma said he did not want his silence to be misinterpreted as guilt or complacency. 

"Last few days have been a nightmare for me and my family. Here’s my truth.

The allegations that came out against me in 2017 that have since resurfaced have really taken a toll on me. They have really affected my family and sadly they have and continue to affect the people in my personal and professional life. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm not the person these people tried to portray me as. Every day, I work towards being a better person; but it is so hard to do that when you are constantly being pulled back by people that are convinced that you are a monster. This has been a very difficult time for me and my family not just because of the things being said about us on social media, but because it has been very difficult to talk about this. I did not want my silence to be misinterpreted as guilt or complacency, yet I also did not want to speak and have my words twisted and misrepresented. It is unfortunate that despite this, I have been put on trial in the court of public opinion, prosecuted and ruled guilty by persons with malicious intentionI hate the fact that this has gotten in the way of something that I've built for a decade, yet despite all of this, I have still kept my head down and worked towards my goals; and now that they're finally within reach, these same people are still trying to portray me as the villain in their stories. They have been trying to discredit all my hard work and they have done their best to see that my dreams never come true. I would like to categorically state that I am against any form of abuse against women and I always have been. I would also like to thank everyone who has stood by me through all of this, and to everyone who has supported me, I want to say that your faith in me is not in vain.

Nick Mutuma.

Actor Nick Mutuma Has Broken Silence On Sexual Assault Allegations

Akothee Shows Off Her Sh.80 million Mansion In Rongo, Migori County

Controversial Kenyan Musician and bussineswoman, Esther Akoth Popular known as Akothee is known for her flashy lifestyle and high sense of fashion.

Over the years, the proud single mother of five has managed to accumulate huge amount of wealth that is spread across the country. 

Akothee has built two mansions, one in Rongo, Migori County, and another one in Mombasa.

Through what seemed like more of a show-off, Akothee displayed her Rongo home, worth Ksh80m on Instagram a few hours ago.

She was articulating her disappointment, over some irresponsible fellows that she had deployed to take care of her yard but didn’t work as expected.

“It’s all thanks to aertain home designers company that Akothees home garden now looks all beautiful and attractive,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

“Sometimes it’s better to work with a company than employing an individual. My home has just resurrected from the shock of being neglected by employees, thank you Garden is my weakness I love it soo much.”

Akothee Shows Off Her Sh.80 million Mansion In Rongo, Migori County

Nyashinski Speaks About life In America As A truck Driver And Why He Came Back Home

Kleptomaniax, once a Kenyan Rap group with three members:

Roba, Collo and Nyashinski was the talk of the town in 2004 when they released their hit song "Tuendelee".


After that, they dominated the Kenyan airwaves sending fans into a frenzy with their music.

Just when they were at the peak of their career,

the family of Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski got a chance to relocate to Delaware USA marking the beginning of the end of the group. 

In a recent interview, Nyash revealed how He felt about the departure from his home country.

The then 21-year-old was excited despite being very aware that he was cutting short his career.

“It was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Growing up with that attention from my music may have stunted me somewhat. I was happy to leave Kenya. I had started getting tired of keeping up with the momentum of releasing good music. Plus the allure of the US we saw in movies was enticing.”

But was it all that he had hoped for? 

“Well, no one knew me there, and I loved that. It was like falling off a cliff, the anonymity was refreshing. Then the excitement of discovering a new place was all consuming to worry about what I had left behind.”

The plan, according to his parents, was for him, their last child, to go back to school. But the young man wasn’t too keen.

“I didn’t want to waste my dad’s money on school fees and student loans because I knew that it wasn’t for me. Now in America, I just wanted to look for work and start making money.”

And so started the job search. Luckily a Kenyan resident got him one delivering ‘proofs’ to banks. Proofs are basically slips that show proof of a transaction. He would pick up bags from the hub and drive around collecting the slips from institutions before delivering them to the banks.

“Many Kenyans do that job over there. I was getting Sh91,044 (900 dollars) per week. It was a full day’s job. I lived with a little dog and the money sustained me just fine, though the living expenses were higher there than here.”

 The long lonely road

Always looking for better opportunities, his brother-in-law who lived in Dallas at the time, called him and told him that there was more money and great benefits to be made in the trucking business. And so he looked up the application process and found that it meant going back to school on a short truck-driving course.

“I called up my father and told him about it. That I needed about 5000 dollars for the course. Dad was shocked, to say the least. “You want to drive trucks? After refusing to go back to university?” But he relented and he went looking for the money because he didn’t have it. We aren’t very rich, but he finally managed to get the money and I enrolled for the driving course for three months.”

After the training, he was given a truck to run.

“At times, I would be so tense and hold onto the steering wheel for dear life, and my trainer would ask me to relax, and I finally mastered it.”

At this point, he shows me a picture of a big white truck. The kind he would drive across states hauling containers and later other trucks.

“I had started wearing out. The job runs you down. And it is a lonely existence because you are on the road for weeks on end. Just you, the truck and the long road ahead. Relationships breakdown, your health suffers too. I knew many older drivers whose marriages had broken down due to the work. Also, I know I worried my parents a lot. They didn’t know where I was sleeping, they were scared of me getting an accident, which thankfully, through the years, I didn’t. Not even a speeding ticket,”

No co-driver to keep you company? .

“No, the insurance covers only you but you can go on the road with your dog or your wife for company.”

Eventually, Nyashinski and his brother-in-law bought a truck of their own, and the hustle went on.

Even as the years went by, something continually pricked his conscience.“

I thought about coming back home real hard. I knew that music was my talent and at the end of the day, I would have to answer to God if I didn’t use it. So again, I went back to my parents and told them that it was time I went home. They wanted to know if I knew what I was doing. I wanted their blessings.”

And blessings he got. But there was the little money issue. He would need to support himself before his music took off.

“I had savings but I didn’t want to run through my savings to make music. So I kept my income separate from my savings, using what I was making and not my savings. And I moved back into our old home in Nairobi West.”

That was in 2016. Back home after 10 years, it was time to remind Kenyans that he still had it


Wanyama Threatens To Sue Xtian

Montreal Impact player Victor Wanyama has threatened to take legal action against a socialite and vlogger for defaming him.

In a video circulating online, the socialite known as Shakilla and vlogger Xtian Dela (Arthur Mandela) claim that the former had carnal knowledge with the footballer. According to Shakilla, she received Sh700,000 from the Harambee Stars captain. But according to Wanyama, the allegations are fabricated and meant to scandalize his name.

Wanyama Threatens To Sue Xtian
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