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Kabogo: The BBI Team Realized Their Meetings At Atwoli's House Had No Value

Author / Raymond cheruiyot

Vocal former Kiambu county governor William Kabogo has revealed his alleged reason why pro-handshake allies led by former prime minister Raila Odinga and Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe have stopped going to trade unionist Francis Atwoli Kajiado home.

Senior counsel lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi had in his tweet raised eyebrows on why leaders had stopped going to COTU secretary general home like they did especially during lockdown in the country. He further questioned why was Atwoli keeping low profile in politics recently unlike in the recent past.Kabogo has reacted to Ahmednassir questions revealing why he think the leaders deserted Atwoli's Kajiado home. Accordhing to Kabogo the pro-handshake leaders led by Orange Democratic Movement ODM leader realized their meetings in Atwoli's home had no value hence they resorted to moving into another place.

"They realized it had no value and moved it elsewhere." Kabogo reacted.

During the first stages of BBI rallies in the country, Atwoli is among the leaders who were on the front in trying to popularize the initiative with majority of meetings being held in his Kajiado home. He has however gone missing in action recently even as Odinga tries his best to hurriedly push for BBI to be passed.

Kabogo: The BBI Team Realized Their Meetings At Atwoli's House Had No Value

Machakos Residents Demand To Be Adressed By DP Ruto Despite Matiang'i's Warning.

Deputy President William Ruto is a man under Goverment's watch. Despite being Kenya's second in command , He's currently required to seek permission from security officials whenever he's holding a public gathering, as part of the recent requirement by interior CS Fred Matiang'i.

Less than a week after the directive, the police on friday disallowed a planned fundraiser event in Kakamega’s Mumias East which the DP was expected to preside over as chief guest citing a threat to public order.

Shianda Police Boss Christopher Wesonga said a joint Sunday mass organized by the Catholic sub-parish of Burini which covers about ten churches in Mumias East constituency will not hold.

Despite the challenges facing the DP, he managed to attended Sunday service at AIC Bomani in Machakos on 11th October.

The Deputy President was accompanied by Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, MPs Victor Munyaka (Machakos), Vincent Musyoka (Mwala), Nimrod Mbai (Kitui East), Aisha Jumwa (Malindi), Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu), George Theuri (Embakasi West) and Nixon Korir (Lang’ata).

DP Ruto sought for forgiveness on behalf of the government from the church over the spots of interruptions of their services witnessed in Murang’a, Kakamega and Nyamira counties.

“We should never witness such in a country that professes to be God-fearing. Teargas should never be near a church or worshippers,” he said. 

After the service, area residents demanded that he addresses them, provoking a scene contrast to government's stand on public gathering.

Machakos Residents Demand To Be Adressed By DP Ruto Despite Matiang'i's Warning.

Ruto Fights Back After Plan to Eject Him

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday, October 4, fired back after Jubilee kick-started plans to evict him from the party. Ruto was addressing a large crowd at Kenol in Murang'a after attending a fundraiser at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA). The Deputy President appeared to hit out at Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju who on Friday, October 2, revealed plans to kick Ruto out of Jubilee.

Ruto Fights Back After Plan to Eject Him

Umetoa Wapi Huu Unyama! Angry Sonko Lectures Uhuru (VIDEO)

Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko  who was once a staunch supporter of H.E Uhuru Kenyatta has come out to critisize the manner in which the president is leading the country. 

In a social media post, angry Sonko condemned how the recent demolitions by the government to pave way for the construction of a railway line were done.

 While giving donations to the affected families, the governor expressed dissatisfaction with the brutality melted to ordinary Kenyans  during demolitions done by the government in Kibra

Governor Sonko giving donations to a man affected by the Kibra demolitions

Mike Sonko 

After highliting the story of Morris Ochieng alias Chairman whose house was demolished illegally in Kibra, I have managed to get him and I'm donating to him six months Rent to re-start his life and Capital to boost his existing business.

Pia nampea foodstuff i.e Rice, Bales of Unga Ugali and Chapati, Cooking Oil, Washing Basin and Diapers coz he has small children, Jiko for cooking,Water Tanks, Sanitizer, Facemasks, Matress, blankets, and other goodies.

The illegal demolition took place this week in Kibra constituency. With alot of pain and bitterness let me say this, Article 40(4) of our Kenyan Constitution must apply before demolitions and evictions of this nature are carried out.


Speaking on Saturday, October 10, Sonko said the first in command was surrounded by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i and his Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho whom he said were misleading him and further labelled the two officials as conmen .He further said that the times of intimidation against leaders are over.

The time for intimidation against leaders is OVER!! We must wake up and speak for Wanjiku. Even H.E Uhuru Kenyatta President of this great republic and his deputy were forced to resign by the Kibaki SYSTEM almost one and half years before the 2013 elections or else they would have been taken to the ICC.

I will stand with Wanjiku no matter what is thrown at me, even Daniel was thrown into the lions den and he came out victorious.

Punda zote zimecho ka!


Watch video here


Umetoa Wapi Huu Unyama! Angry Sonko Lectures Uhuru (VIDEO)

Dynasties! See Families of Wealthy composers of the Kenyan National Anthem

When Kenyans stand at attention during the Olympics, right next to their radio or TV stations, there is a certain sense of pride. When we sing, this pride is forgotten and our hearts sing out in a sense of prayer that goes beyond national pride. This is because of the nature of our anthem, which according to most Kenyans is the most beautiful anthem on the planet. Subjective, but still the popular opinion. I remember singing the anthem every Friday during parade from nursery school through to high school. The question now is whether most of us really know the true origin of the Kenyan national anthem.

Dynasties! See Families of Wealthy composers of the Kenyan National Anthem

Church Fundraising : Group of Adventist church members from kisii acuse Ruto of deceit

A group of members from the southern Kenya conference of the Adventist church has come out with criticism directed to both the church leadership and Deputy President William Ruto.

 The adherents claim that the DP has not yet released Ksh.8 million He pledged during a fundraiser event organized by the church. 

 The function which was held on 30th march last year in Kisii County was presided over by the Deputy President who donated Ksh.10 million as chief guest but out of this, cash was only Ksh. 2 million and the Ksh. 8 million was to be settled a few days later. 

 The fund drive was meant to assist in the construction of the conference headquarters in Nyanchwa, Kisii County which has been pending for over a decade. 

 In a letter seen by, the complainants further accuse the local church leadership of not doing enough to follow up on the matter which they term as misuse of church platform for political gains.

 Part of the letter addressed to the Church's Union president reads, 

Due to these disturbing developments in the name of our church, we kindly request the following :

1. The top leadership of ECUK led by yourself comes out clear and tell SKC church members if it is indeed true that the DP owes SKC Ksh. 8 million and what are you doing about it. The local leadership in Nyanchwa has been very evasive about this matter hence our demand to you and your office.

 2. That the local past and present leadership of SKC come out and shed more light on the myriad audit queries that have been cited with regards to the construction of the SKC HQ that has spanned over a decade now.

 3. That your office owes all Adventist an apology if indeed if it's true indeed that the DP owes SKC the Ksh. 8 million. Why for instance has your office allowed our church to be mired in petty divisive politics, which is glaring departure from what the mission of our church has always been?


DP Ruto giving donations in a fundraiser
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